Charlotte Caples

CEO & Racial Equity Strategist

My Story

All my life I've been talking about racism...literally! I was just two years old when the baby in the shopping cart next to me called me the n-word!  That day I had my first "talk".  My parents told me how beautiful my chocolate skin was, that I was smart and could be anything I wanted to be...but the world isn't fair and I have a responsibility to speak up for myself and for others anytime I saw injustice happening.  I have never stopped!


As a result, I struggled to “fit-in.”  I felt miserable every day at work watching racism playout and worrying what would happen if I said something this time.  Would I be called a racist again, told I was too outspoken again or that I needed to be quiet before I caused trouble or be accused of playing the race card.  I despised going to work and felt like my soul was dying.  Then one day I snapped!  Not like you might think...I simply used the antiracist language I had learned to describe what I saw playing out in the workplace.  Let's just say that was the day I lost my job, but recognized my power!  I wasn't a good fit...I was so much more and I began speaking my truth like never before!  Yes, I was eventually forced to resign and though I was advised to sue my organization, I didn't!  The reason...I knew suing would perpetuate the racism I was trying to transform.  No one should ever have to feel so unvalued and I vowed to be so unapologetically me that it would be alright for you to just be you!


I'm on a mission to bring healing to the workplace.  I believe outcomes should not be predictable by race and peace, power and prosperity are everyone’s birthright.  As a result, I have coached more than 5,000 leaders to get over their fears of talking about racism!  My partners report living life more authentically and holding organizations accountable for how they are treated.  Leaders are more comfortable and confident with engaging in conversations about race and racism and overcome their fears about messing up.  Leadership teams develop healthy, productive relationships, come together to address racism within the organization, begin to normalize efforts to be fair racially, and save an average of $250k per year in the cost of racism.   


Join me today to build a world without racism.


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