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Racial Equity Transformation

The Racial Equity Transformation investment is a complete overhaul of your organization to ensure a commitment to racial equity.  As a result of the Racial Equity Transformation investment, your organizational culture will begin generating outcomes that are not predictable by race, minimize the risk of lawsuits, reduce employee turnover, retain top talent, improve productivity and decrease racial disparities. 

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Strategic Start Assessment

The Strategic Start Assessment is an evaluation and analysis step to start your organizational journey towards racial equity.    As a result of the Strategic Start Assessment investment, leaders in your organization will recognize the impact of institutional racism, develop a common language to understand racial equity work within your organization as well as strategically plan how to operationalize racial equity work with your organization.  Your leadership team will become more comfortable and confident with engaging in conversations about race and racism as well as overcome fears about messing up. 

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Revive & Thrive Leadership Development

 Revive & Thrive is a virtual coaching experience that helps leaders develop their voice about racial equity.  As a result of this investment, leaders clarify their understanding of how race and racism work systemically and organizationally but moreso how race and racism impact them personally and interpersonally.  Building a community of support, Revive & Thrive alumni feel more confident, courageous, grounded, and yes, joyful about their journey to transform racism.  I'm looking for leaders who want to get over their fear of talking about racism or messing up...leaders who are committed to ending racism...leaders who want to stop paying the cost of racism.  Who do you know? 

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Speaking my truth...

"Charlotte helped me to start asking why. Why are things done a certain way? Why do black people have to hold ourselves back from being who we are to make white folks feel comfortable?  That's what Charlotte does she really helps you be proud... for me proud of being black, proud of where you come from, and not to be afraid to stand in your truth."

Joshua Robinson
Quality of Life Commissions Liason
City of Austin Equity Office


First Steps...

"Charlotte was the first crucial step that helped me advance racial equity goals in ways I never could have realized working on my own.  As a result of her coaching, I was able to centralize racial equity principles in a way that our Board of Directors and partners could understand and support."

Meredith Smith
Executive Director
Whole Cities Foundation

Be Intentional!

Either you are intentionally working to undo racism or you are upholding it...


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